The Pettersson's

The Pettersson's
January 2016

Monday, November 28, 2011

Forever Grateful

I am so grateful for Thanksgiving. 
My whole family was able to get together! It was so fun to talk and to tease each other. We played football with all of the grand kids. It was awesome!
I love my family.
I feel so blessed. 
 I know I didn't write down all the things that I was grateful for on my blog each day. I just know that throughout all the days, I thought of things that I was grateful for.  They are in my heart. My grateful November challenge was good for me. I realized how much I have been blessed with and sooo much more! 
 I am so grateful that I have such a loving husband.
He has been sick this whole weekend :( 
I am grateful that we got to talk and spend time with each other. We both have been so busy with work. We hardly have time to actually talk.  This weekend was a blast! We were able to have our fun and awesome conversations like we used to while we were in high school!  I sure love him.
I am grateful that we can be together forever through Heavenly Father's Plan.
That is what gives me hope.
It gives me strength to make it through the day!
I am grateful that I have such a special person in my life. I know that he will always be there for me, even when he is sick :(
This morning, we both felt achy and weak. We were there for each other.
I am grateful that I will always have someone by my side.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Days 14 & 15

November 15
 I am Grateful For...
 Today, because today is another opportunity to get it right and make a positive change.
that I am who I am, and that I’m nobody else.
that there are people who care about me.
that I know that happiness is a choice.
that many people are forgiving.
Fresh Fruit.
 Accomplishing Goals.
Making New Goals.
being able to Laugh :)
Being an American.
Fresh Snow! (But not driving in it)
Rainy Days.
The Simple Things.
Having a Good Memory.
That there are new things to learn everyday!
November 14      I am Grateful for...
Monday Nights.
Having enough money to put food on the Table.
Things that make me smile :)
That I can learn from my mistakes.
still progressing in life.
that I’m constantly learning.
All of the Seasons that we have!

:D I am loving Grateful November!
I have been a lot Happier than I have been.  I know that because I have changed my attitude!
My Life is so much more enjoyable.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Day 12 & 13

Day 13... Today I am Grateful for...

Sacrament Talks.
Talking with Old Friends.
The Spirit of Missionaries.
Quotes from the Prophets.
Deep Conversations.
Prayer with my Sweet Husband.
Other Peoples Testimonies.
Getting Married to my Best Friend in the Salt Lake Temple.
An answered Prayer.
All the experiences that have made me into the kind of person I am today.
Knowing that I am where I need to be and where I am going in my life.
My friend Ashley Allen.
Preston's beautiful voice! He can sing :D

Day 12...
Disney on Ice with my Husband!
Snow Scrapers.
Car Heaters.
Family Time.
BYU Football.
Wonderful In-Laws :)
My New extended Family.
Cute colorful fish.
Chinese Food.
New Pajama Pants!
Phone calls from friends that you haven't talked to in awhile.

It was such a great Sabbath day. I got to see so many great friends today that I haven't seen since Graduation.  It made me so Happy :)

Friday, November 11, 2011

Day 10 &11

I am Grateful for...
November 10...

My Husband's hugs.
My Lovable Kitten-Bug.
My Trials.
My Weaknesses.
My Strengths.
My Husband's sweet spirit.
A Place to Stay.

11/11/11 Today I am Grateful for...

Those who have served/ are now serving our Country.
Thank you. God Bless America.
My Sister's craziness... :) (RED HAIR)
Sense of sight.
Sense of hearing.
Sense of touch.
 Sense of smell.
 Sense of taste. 
Sharing laughter and funny moments.
Making Friends.
Memories of My Childhood.
Inside Jokes with Friends and Family!

It has been a really Good day! I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!
Preston and I are watching Harry Potter :)

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Day 9

Today I am Grateful for...
My 9 Nieces and Nephews :)


They all bring so much joy to my life! I am so grateful that I get to be their Auntie!
I love you all so much! I hope you all will know & remember that :)

Have a Terrific Day!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Day 8

Today I am grateful for...

My Health. I am grateful to have the Health that I do! I am so grateful that I don't have any major health problems.

My Life. I have been blessed with a beautiful life. It has been a great experience!!

Running Water. I am grateful that I am able to take a nice hot shower!

Love and Support. I am so grateful for the love and support Preston and I received for our wedding! It was amazing! Thank you all!

Smiles. A smile can brighten some one's day!

My Brothers. I am so grateful for all of the Brothers that I have! Nate, Casey, Rusty, Taylor and Parker! I love you all so much!

My Sisters. I am also grateful for all of my Sisters! Missy, Mallory, Becca, Kirstin, and Emily! I love you!!

Service Projects. I am grateful that I can help those in need.  I feel our Saviors love when I do service for others! I am grateful that I can have his spirit in my life!

Have a Fantastic Tuesday! 

Monday, November 7, 2011

Day 7 :)

Today I am grateful for...

My Mommy.  My mom is the most amazing women on this earth. I am so grateful to be her daughter.  I love learning from her! She always makes me laugh. She has a beautiful testimony and I hope to be as great as a mother as her someday! LOVE you Mom!

My Daddy. My Dad is the most hard working man that I know! He is a great example.  He loves our family so much.  He makes me laugh too, maybe not on purpose but it is just so fun! I hope Preston will be as great as you! Love you Daddy!

My Camera. I am so grateful that I have a camera.  I love to take pictures! I love catching special moments! I really need to take more so I don't forget! I love looking at old pictures because it brings back so many memories!

Our Temple Marriage. I have seen so many blessings from our decision to be married in the Temple! It has been such an amazing experience! I so grateful! I LOVE the Temple! It is my home on earth!

Our Country. I am so grateful that I am able to live in this country! I am so grateful that I have Freedom! Thank you for those who are fighting for it/ have fought!

The Salt Lake Valley. I am so grateful that I live in this beautiful valley! I have lived here my whole life. I am so grateful for it's beauty and that we have so many Temples that we can go to!

Blogs. I am grateful that other people have blogs! A lot of them are so inspiring.  I am grateful that I can write about my life and others can have an Idea what is going! :)

I hope everyone has a great Monday! 

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Days 5 & 6 :)

November 5... I am Grateful for...

Weekends. I am grateful that I get to spend time with my husband and family :)

Technology. I am grateful for the technology that we have.  I wouldn't be able to keep in contact with Family or friends.

Harry Potter Series. I am so grateful for Harry Potter :) It just makes me so happy when I get upset.

Baptism.  My little sister-in-law was Baptized on Saturday.  It was an amazing experience. It made me remember when I got baptized. I remember feeling so clean and pure :)

Memories. I am so grateful to have all of the memories that I have.  I have been so blessed to be able to have such fun memories with Family and Friends!

November 6... I am Grateful for...

The Sabbath Day. I am so grateful for this peaceful day.  I can spend time pondering and thinking about our Savior.

The Priesthood. I am so grateful that I have a worthy Husband that holds the priesthood.  I have received and witnessed many beautiful blessings that he has given! I can't even explain how grateful I am to be able to have a priesthood holder as my Husband!

Hymns. I am grateful that we have Hymns. Those words are so inspiring and can touch someones heart so deeply :)

Family Dinner. I am so grateful that Preston and I are able to eat together with our Grandparents. It is such a special time!

The Scriptures. I am so grateful for the scriptures in my life.  They are the word of God. If we read and ask questions,  Our Heavenly Father can answer our prayers through them.  The Book of Mormon is the Keystone to our Religion. I know that it is true!

Our Loving Prophet... Thomas S. Monson. This is truly an amazing man.  I am so grateful for his faith and his strong testimony. I know that he leads and guides our church.  I know that he will not lead us astray.  I trust him.  I know that he Loves our Savior... He is a wonderful example! I am so grateful for Him.  Words cannot express.  I know that our Heavenly Father Speaks through President Monson.  I am so grateful for his guidance in my life!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Sabbath Day!!!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Day 4

Today I am grateful for...

My Grandparents. I am so grateful for them.  They are all so awesome and sweet!

The Power of Prayer. I cannot even express how grateful I am for the Power of Prayer.  It is one of the greatest gifts that we all have!

My Car. I am grateful that I am able to get somewhere without breaking down. Keep holding on Car! You can do it!

My Clothes.  I am grateful that I have something to where and that I can stay warm!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Grateful Days :)

So I decided that I am going to write what I am grateful for everyday this month! Last year My cousins, Kasie & Kamie, started something like this. I think it will be great to see everything that I have been blessed with. I think it would be fun for everyone else to write what they are grateful for t00! Well Here it goes... Not in any particular order :)
November 1
  • The Gospel of Jesus Christ. I am so grateful for this knowledge that I have. I am grateful to know that I can be with my family forever. I am grateful to know that We have a loving Savior who loves us and died so that we can make it back to our Heavenly Father! I am grateful to know that I am a Child of God and that I am of Great worth.
November 2
  • My Husband. I am so grateful for Preston. He is my life. He makes me so happy. He knows how to make me laugh! He is my best friend. Words cannot describe how grateful I am to be able to be with him forever. We have been married for 2 months and 2 weeks! It has been so much fun! He has the sweetest personality. I sure love you Preston!
  • My Loving Family. I have the best family. I am so grateful that we are so close. I am so grateful how much we love eachother. I love that we LOVE spending time together.
November 3
  • My Best Friends. You know who you are. I am grateful for all of the fun times we have had. I will always cherish them. You will all be in my heart. I am grateful to be able to be your friend. Thank you for getting me to where I am today. I love you and I am sooo grateful for you all.
  • My Education. I am so grateful that I have an opportunity to attend Brigham Young University-Idaho. It is a wonderful place. I love learning and I can't wait to start my career.
  •  My Job. I am so grateful for my job. I am a teacher at a day school. I love the kids that I work with and I hope that they know that I care for them. Some days it is really hard but most days I enjoy seeing those smiles on their faces. I am so grateful that I got this job especially since it has been hard for a lot of people to get jobs.
Hopefully that wasn't too confusing. So for tomorrow, you will write four (November 4) things you are grateful for and the next you will write five (November 5) By the end of the month you will realize that you have a lot of things that you are grateful for :)

Well I got caught up and hope to stay caught up! I encourage all of you to do this. You will be amazed with everything that you have been blessed with! Have a wonderful day!