The Pettersson's

The Pettersson's
January 2016

Wednesday, May 21, 2014


So here we are after graduating from College. There hasn't been much going on for us! Preston started his job a couple of weeks ago. I haven't found a job yet. I haven't really been looking because I have been helping my sisters. Mal is now an Up With Kids! director! So that is what she has been working on the last year. These last three weeks were performances so that is why I have been helping her out. She gets her own groups next year.  
My mom and dad started their mission in Salt Lake City a couple of weeks ago. It has been such a great joy and overwhelming experience for them both.  I am happy for them. 
My last day in Rexburg, My dad and I went to Bear World one last time for a while. It was pouring rain but it was still awesome. It was the cub palooza! We got to meet the new cubs. I was even able to pet a couple of them. I got to touch a baby bear! It was neat!!
We also got a new kitten. Her name is Pippin :) She is so sweet.
Hopefully things work out and we will be able to keep her. 
I have been watching Joelle Carlile's twins and baby boy! They are adorable. It is every Thursday which is so nice :) 
Oh and Preston and I went to Cinderella Ballet this past week! It was so much fun!
 Well here are a couple of pictures....